The Gardener's Botanic Garden

Organic Growing

 As stewards of the land it is important to realize that the soil is alive. The living organisms in the soil represent the key to plant health and to human health. Soil microorganisms are the essential link between mineral reserves and plant growth. Ecological soil management aims at assisting all soil organisms instead of substituting them with a simplified chemical system. When synthetic chemical fertilizers are applied to the soil, Nature’s delicate balance becomes interrupted as essential microorganisms become eliminated, compaction of the soil occurs and weeds become prevalent. Here at The Gardener Farm you will find the highest quality organic fertilizers, soil amendments, micro-nutrients, and foliar spraying materials that will enhance soils and plants for traditional, transitional and organic gardeners and farmers.



Natural Fertilizers for Organic Growing

Soil Amendments & Bio-stimulants

Composting Tools & Supplies

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